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Holistic Recovery

Conventional approaches are not universally applicable and alternative options to treatment can sometimes be a better option for a patient. The use of non-traditional methods for treating addiction have become increasingly popular, and are offered on their own or as a supplement to standard treatment plans. This variety is sometimes overlooked, but at Lionheart Recovery know that a holistic approach to addiction recovery is a viable option for you or your loved one.

What is Involved in a Holistic Recovery Program?

Traditional recovery programs for addiction favor psychotherapy and the use of medications in treatment. It’s a very clinical approach that does not always work for patients or certain aspects of their addiction. Some might not be comfortable with the practices of traditional treatment and therefore may avoid seeking help. Holistic recovery programs tend to avoid many of the methods used in conventional treatment. These programs try to look beyond the science of addiction and address the spiritual and emotional aspects of addiction in addition to the physical and mental factors.

Holistic recovery programs offer a variety of alternative approaches to treatment for patients. These can include activities like acupuncture, meditation, and yoga. Instead of a clinical approach, therapy can be done through art, music, physical activities like sports, and interaction with trained therapy animals (e.g., horses, dogs). Education about subjects like health and nutrition are also commonly used in holistic programs and are often used help patients physically heal from the damage their drug use has caused.

In some cases, holistic recovery and treatment programs will still use traditional treatment methods, but not in the same way. Clinical approaches like therapy and medication will not be the primary focus of treatment and may be given an alternative twist. For example, spiritual counseling often uses a similar format to standard therapy but with just a different focus.

The Advantages of Holistic Recovery

There are some significant advantages that holistic recovery practices can offer for you or your loved one. For one thing, it is often highly personalized. Each participant in the program is evaluated thoroughly to determine what approaches will work based on their needs, with the option to make adjustments as treatment progresses. Traditional treatment plans do this as well, but there is usually a base of approaches that all patients are expected to do.

A holistic approach can also be far less stressful than a traditional approach. There are many people who become very anxious and agitated out in clinical settings like hospitals and doctor’s offices. In some cases, high levels of stress can hinder treatment and serve as triggers for drug cravings and usage. Many of the practices used in holistic medicine, like yoga and meditation, are regularly used to help people de-stress in non-treatment settings.

Many holistic approaches are also sustainable in the long-term, which means that it’s easier for patients to use these practices at home once they’ve completed the program. Continued usage of holistic healing methods tend to be both affordable and practical compared to traditional methods. Medications used in conventional addiction treatment, for example, tend to be expensive in the long-run and have side effects tied to prolonged use.

The Disadvantages of Holistic Recovery

As wonderful as a holistic recovery program may be, these methods do have their limitations. Just as traditional treatment will not be universally successful, holistic treatment isn’t going to produce the same results for everyone. The variety of options, both traditional and non-traditional that are available in addiction treatment are possible so that people can have options specific to their circumstances. There is nothing wrong with using one approach over the other, as you or your loved one simply need to do what you have to do to get better.

Holistic recovery might also not be an option in very severe cases of addiction. Certain drugs, like barbiturates, can cause extensive harm to a person’s health and need a very specific medical approach for detox, treatment, and recovery. There is a high risk of danger posed in such situations that require an intense level of control in order to maintain the patient’s safety and well-being. At this time, that’s not something that can be done with any holistic approach and should never—under any circumstances—be attempted through holistic recovery practices.

Another disadvantage of holistic recovery is that there are very high, yet unrealistic, expectations attached to the methods used in these programs. Too many people expect holistic recovery to be faster and better than clinical recovery, and are then disappointed and discouraged when they don’t have immediate results. While holistic methods have been proven to have a positive effect on addiction recovery, they are noticeably slower than conventional methods. Most holistic recovery programs will use both traditional and alternative approaches to ensure that there aren’t any gaps in a patient’s treatment. It should be noted that the inclusion of traditional methods in holistic recovery does not mean that such a program isn’t genuinely holistic—it just means that the treatment aims to be as comprehensive as possible.

At Lionheart Recovery, we know that you want to explore all of the options available for you or your loved one. We’ve chosen to include holistic treatment programs and centers in our network for just that very reason. Give us a call and let’s find a solution today!

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