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Non 12 Step Recovery

There are some methods of addiction treatment that are viewed as the standard approach towards recovery. In some cases, this has caused an almost blind faith in the success and value of these programs and has presented additional obstacles to patients who do not benefit from them in any way. Fortunately, there are more options available than what most people think. At Lionheart Recovery, we’ve sought to ensure a variety in our network offerings that go beyond what is standard. Thus, our network includes treatment centers and programs that use non-12-step recovery approaches.

What is Involved in a Non-12-Step Recovery Program?

12-step recovery programs have been around since the 1930s when Alcoholics Anonymous was created, and they have long been used as the go-to approach for addiction treatment. They involve following a series of 12 stages that participants must complete to overcome their addiction and maintain sobriety, usually with a spiritual or religious element involved. However, this approach isn’t 100% successful or applicable to everyone, hence the creation of non-12-step recovery programs.

A non-12-step recovery program tends to take a scientific approach towards recovery, with programs being adjusted as new information on addiction from research and studies is made available. These programs encourage participants to take control of their lives and better themselves through education and self-resilience. It’s a very empowering format, which is often needed to help those in recovery find the courage to get better.

These programs, unlike traditional 12-step plans, are non-secular in their approach. This allows it to have a much more universal application, as it often appeals to people more so than their spiritual counterparts. There are fewer instances of clashing ideologies that can hinder recovery without any kind of focus on a particular beliefs system in these programs.

These programs come in inpatient and outpatient treatment options, in addition to recovery support meetings. What is included in an inpatient or outpatient program will often depend on the program’s offerings and the patient’s needs. However, the support meetings—which are much like what standard 12-step programs offer—usually vary by membership. These meetings are free to attend and only require participants to be willing to seek and maintain sobriety.

The Advantages of a Non-12-Step Recovery Program

With non-12-step recovery programs, there are many advantages that allow the format to stand out amongst some of the traditional approaches. A non-12-step recovery will take a look at all of the facets involved in a person’s addiction, not just the fact that they are addicted. This includes the underlying causes of the addiction (e.g., trauma), the effects it has had on the person, and what needs they have that require attention. It’s a much more comprehensive approach that seeks to avoid overlooking anything that may hinder long-term recovery.

Non-12-step programs are also more open to alternative approaches, like holistic treatment. Traditional treatment methods like therapy and medication may not be an option for you or your loved one, for whatever reason. This allows there to be more available and viable options for treatment, as well as the opportunity to make a change to treatment if the initial plan isn’t working. That flexibility can be very appealing to some, especially those who have tried traditional formats and struggled with them.

The flexibility a non-12-step program offers also allows for treatment to be easily customizable. Each person has their own needs for treatment, and they will likely have a different set of circumstances than their peers. Customization in a non-12-step recovery program means that it’s less likely that something will be forgotten or ignored during treatment, which is more likely to happen in a one-size-fits-all treatment plan.

The Disadvantages of a Non-12-Step Recovery Program

One of the most significant disadvantages with non-12-step recovery programs is that there are not as many in operation, which can pose other issues. This is mainly in part to the fact that traditional 12-step programs have long overshadowed them and are often more present in society. The amount of non-12-step programs are slowly increasing, as there are more treatment centers and organizations that are implementing them, but it’s still an issue.

As there are fewer non-12-step programs in operation, there may be some issue in trying to find one that fits all of your needs. For one thing, patients in a non-12-step recovery program may have to travel some distance to reach a center that offers that treatment approach. This could be discouraging, but our staff at Lionheart Recovery will do our best to find a non-12-step recovery program for you or your loved one should it be an option.

Limited locations and offers also mean that there may be less coverage by insurance companies. As these programs are still a minority and are relatively new, it is entirely possible that your or your loved one’s plan might not cover them. Some companies, however, might still offer partial coverage for non-12-step recovery treatments that are out-of-network.

Non-12-step programs can also be somewhat expensive, primarily due to the lack of coverage offered by insurance. Thus the out-of-pocket cost for you or your loved one could be significantly higher than expected and this may not be an option. There are financing options available through these programs, and we at Lionheart Recovery can help you navigate the payment choices available.

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