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Recreational Activities

Recovery is hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Here at Lionheart Recovery, we have a large variety of new healthy habits our patients can foster while they focus on their newfound sobriety.

Physical Fitness

Lionheart Recovery has a fitness facility can help patients establish and/or maintain a healthy physical fitness regimen. While addiction can often wreak havoc when it comes to physical health, patients will find many new opportunities to take care of themselves while they’re here. Cardio machines, free weights, and core strength spaces are all available for patients to take their health and physical fitness to the next level.

Exercise is very valuable during the process of recovery. It is a natural stress reliever, and stress is typically a trigger for drug and alcohol abuse. If patients can find natural ways to relieve stress, in productive and healthy ways, they are much less likely to succumb to the stress and pressure that may lead them to use outside of a rehabilitation facility.

Physical activity can also help the brain to recover from the unnatural and harmful brain chemistry it experienced during drug and alcohol abuse. Exercise releases natural endorphins in the brain, which is not only a natural mood booster but also helps the brain to re-learn that positive chemical changes can happen in organic and healthy ways.

Sporting Activities

Patients will also have the opportunity to participate in team sports and other outdoor sporting activities.

Individuals will enjoy the chance to collaborate with other individuals who are working towards recovery by participating in a variety of team sports if they so choose. There are a variety of intramural sports opportunities, including soccer, volleyball, and kickball. These activities help to build community while simultaneously allowing patients to reap the stress-relieving benefits of physical activity.

Individuals in recovery will also have the chance to enjoy the outdoors as well. Opportunities for hiking, outdoor walks, yoga, and meditation are available for those that are interested. Connecting to nature can often be an essential component of the recovery process. Establishing a connection to nature and enjoying the outdoors can lead to a long-lasting positive outlet for individuals as they reintegrate into their home communities.


Yoga is a physical practice that sustains both fitness and mental and emotional wellbeing. Yoga focuses on breath work, balance and strength to center mind, body, and spirit.

Establishing a meaningful yoga practice can lead to less emotional distress, decreased feelings of depression, and a drastic reduction in stress. Yoga has even been shown to balance stress hormones in the brain. Reducing and managing stress is key to negating triggers that can cause a relapse.

Yoga doesn’t require any specialized equipment, which means patients can take their skills with them wherever they go and can continue to get the benefit of a physically meditative practice even when they leave the Lionheart facility.

Meditation Instruction

Meditation is the process of observing the mind’s thoughts, rather than being consumed by them. Mindfulness techniques and meditation practice are often very valuable for individuals in recovery, as these methods can create a stronger sense of the inner peace and resilience necessary for sustained sobriety. Meditation can also help those who suffer from a dependency to recognize that their urges and thoughts about using are separate from who they are as people.

Focused Activities

Many patients enjoy finding new hobbies and learning new crafts while they begin the road to recovery. From jigsaw puzzles to crocheting, complex coloring pages to crossword puzzles and sudoku, all patients are encouraged to try to find new, meaningful ways to engage their time. Establishing new, positive hobbies can help to stave off boredom, which is essential to reducing the incidence of relapse. Additionally, when patients find new activities that they enjoy, they are better able to find new sources of meaning in their lives. This newfound meaning can increase the chances of successful recovery.


Patients will have time to explore literature through books, magazines, and newspaper reading. This allows individuals to stay connected to current events, learn about topics of interest, and connect to the world around them in ways that don’t involve substance abuse.

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