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Behavioral and Mental Health Long Term Program

Lionheart Recovery provides a large number of outpatient support programs for teens and adolescents with mental illness. Our patients typically participate in sustained mental health management programming after school on weekdays and have the option to participate in more intensive half-day programming on the weekends.

Who We Serve

Many young people today find themselves in need of mental health support at some point in their adolescence. Lionheart Recovery is able to provide one-on-one and group support for young people struggling with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADD/ADHD, ODD, and a myriad of other diagnoses. Some of our patients seek out individual therapy for stress management, while others are looking for continued structure and support after leaving the residential behavioral and mental health programs. Regardless of the specific need, we are confident that young people seeking mental health support will be able to find it at Lionheart Recovery.

Individual and Group Therapy and Medication Management

Patients in the long-term behavioral and mental health program will be paired with a one-on-one therapist who they can build a lasting and meaningful relationship with. These licensed expert professionals will help patients to understand how their mental illness impacts them and how they can hone skills to manage their disease for a lifetime. Group therapy sessions and support groups are also available for patients to connect with other youth and professionals who are familiar with their experience of mental illness. For individuals who are in need of psychotropic medication, board-certified psychiatrists are available on staff to assess and manage ongoing medical needs.

Dual Diagnosis Support

Some of our behavioral and mental health patients are also struggling with chemical dependence. Our staff is experienced in working with individuals who have mental health diagnoses and are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Youth will be connected to skills workers who are able to assist in establishing coping techniques that are compatible with mental health management and recovery from chemical dependence.

Screen-Free Space

Teens and adolescents who struggle with mental illness are especially susceptible to cyberbullying and technological dependence. Our programs are screen free, meaning that all treatments spaces are void of cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. This break from screen time encourages patients to fully focus on therapy and group work while simultaneously creating a space rich with genuine social interaction.

Behavioral Management

Specialized skills classes are available for individuals with behaviorally based mental illness diagnoses. Patients with ADD, ADHD, and ODD will be paired with specially trained skills support staff who can help them to identify concentration and relaxation techniques that best fit their personality and lifestyle. These skills are an excellent complement to individual therapy and medication management.

Family Therapy

Family members and loved ones of teens and adolescents who struggle with mental illness are encouraged to participate in family therapy and support groups in order to understand how to best support their loved one. Support groups will provide the opportunity for family members to connect with other individuals who are supporting a loved one with mental illness, while therapy sessions will help families to address trauma, build stronger relationships, and work through destructive behaviors that are impeding the healing process.

Academic Focus

For many teens and adolescents who are struggling with mental health diagnoses, academic success can often become very difficult. Our outpatient programming provides individual tutoring, grade level based study groups, and ACT/SAT prep courses. These supports help students to keep up with their school work and prepare for college while they receive support for mental health management.

Holistic Healing

At Lionheart Recovery, we believe that mental wellness cannot be separated from physical and spiritual wellness. For this reason, we provide abundant opportunities for patients to establish and maintain healthy habits that contribute to their holistic wellness goals. Individuals are encouraged to try out as many activities as they’re interested in so that they can establish lifelong loves for physical, spiritual, and mental wellness. Teens and adolescents in the long-term behavioral and mental health program will have the chance to participate in these and other activities.

    Group Exercise (yoga, dance, walking and running groups, personal training, gardening)

    Guided Meditation Classes

    Faith-Based Mental Health Groups

    Community Involvement and Volunteer Opportunities

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