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Every journey has a beginning. That first step provides a foundation for what follows, so it is also a crucial one. In the path to drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery, that first step is detox. This process is an opportunity to start the recovery process with a clean slate. At Lionheart Recovery, we want to do everything we can to provide you with an advantage as you or your loved one begin the journey towards recovery. Let us help you find the best treatment center for you or your loved on as you start this journey. Contact us today.

What is Detox?

Detox or detoxification is done before addiction treatment begins. The process allows the drug(s) or alcohol to leave the person’s body, effectively flushing out their system. In doing so, the person’s mind is clear, their body begins to return to normal function, and they are significantly more stable for their treatment. A person can inadvertently begin to detox if they do not take another dose of the substance they are addicted to before the last one wears off, resulting in withdrawal. Detox on its own is not a form of treatment, but a precursor to it; it is not effective on its own for long-term sobriety and recovery, and should not be used as a primary form of treatment.

The Detoxification Process

There’s quite a bit that happens during the detox process, and what happens can vary. Factors such as the person’s condition, they type of drug they use, and how much of it is in their system at the start of the process determine what symptoms appear and how long the process lasts. Usually, detox takes a few days up to a week to complete. It may take longer in some cases, such as when medication is used to allow withdrawal to occur gradually in order to avoid serious symptoms.

Intake and Evaluation

The detox process can begin as soon as you or your loved one arrives at a treatment center. To provide a better idea of what to expect, staff will conduct a medical evaluation to determine what might occur and what you will need during detox. This is to ensure your safety during the process as much as it is for their preparation. Vital information will be collected during your intake and used to address all withdrawal symptoms or to determine if additional medical treatments may be needed.

Addressing Withdrawal Symptoms

As the detox process progresses, the body will react, and certain symptoms will present themselves. Common symptoms (regardless of the addictive substance used) include nausea and vomiting, shaking, sweating, and muscle pain or cramping. These can also be accompanied by drug-specific symptoms, such as paranoia (cocaine, hallucinogens) or diarrhea (opiates), or in severe cases cause seizures. Withdrawal symptoms can cause other issues, like dehydration or difficulty sleeping, which the center’s staff will address as they occur. They will do what they can to make you or your loved one comfortable throughout the process and assist you with the symptoms as they develop.

The Role of Detox in Addiction Recovery

As the first step towards recovery, detox allows a person to have a solid foundation for their treatment. It is harder for treatment to work when you are under the influence, and therefore control, of an addictive substance. The damage caused by drug use cannot be easily addressed if the damage is allowed to continue with the drug’s usage. This can impede the effectiveness of treatment and cause further harm for you or your loved one. Also, due to their dependence on a drug, a person might not be very amicable towards giving it up when it is active in their system. In order for treatment to be successful, that dependence and control must be broken; this is the crucial role that detox has in addiction treatment and recovery.

Can You Detox on Your Own?

You may be wondering if it’s possible to detox on your own, without the assistance of a treatment program or center. While it is possible, there are certain risks that make it an unwise and far too dangerous thing to do by yourself. As the drug leaves your system, your body will respond, and you might not be able to predict what that response is. The staff at a treatment program are trained on how to react to the body’s response to withdrawal and know how to guide a person through them safely. Their knowledge and medical training allow them to address what they can and cannot predict during the process to ensure your success and well-being. In order to give yourself a strong foundation for your recovery and sobriety, do not detox on your own and seek the assistance of a formal treatment program instead. Let us help you find the best treatment program for you or your loved one.

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