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Outpatient (IOP)

Outpatient services are provided to individuals who are in need of mild to moderate support managing their mental health diagnoses. While many patients utilize our outpatient services after completing a residential or partial hospitalization program, we also provide individual, group, and family counseling programs for any type of patient who needs ongoing support.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the most common, and typically most comfortable, type of counseling available to patients with mental illness. In these sessions, individuals will work with trained professionals to set goals related to self-care and illness management, develop coping skills specific to their diagnosis, and experience a safe space to discuss concerns and triumphs related to their mental illness.

Individual therapy is also available to individuals who are part of a support system for a family member with a mental illness. Supporters face their own unique set of challenges while they work to dissociate their loved one from their mental illness. Our therapy team is experienced in supporting both patients and support staff alike. Lionheart Recovery is dedicated to providing support for everyone involved in the recovery process.

Group Therapy

Community connection is incredibly important when working towards sustained mental illness management. Mental illness can often negatively impact a patient’s comfort level in social settings, and our group therapy opportunities work to combat this common concern. In collaboration with the Lionheart Recovery team, patients will have the chance to participate in one or several different therapy groups, including, but not limited to, Emotions Anonymous, Women’s Mental Health Group, Men’s Mental Health Group, Combatting Addiction and Mental Illness (CAMI) Group, Coping Skills Group, Life Skills Group, and Self Esteem Building Group. This list is by no means exhaustive, and patients should expect to find a meaningful sense of community in at least one group setting during their outpatient experience.

Family Therapy

Family members and loved ones of individuals with mental illness are an important part of the recovery process. Our licensed counseling staff facilitate family therapy sessions in order to heal previous familial trauma, provide education to families about their loved one’s mental illness, and to provide healing opportunities for family units. Large group family counseling is also available to provide individuals a community space to connect with and relate to other individuals who are helping to support a loved one with mental illness. Additionally, children’s group therapy is an option for children directly impacted by a family member with mental illness.

Group Exercise

Many mental illnesses are caused or exacerbated by a lack of natural dopamine and endorphins in the brain. Exercise is a critical component to increasing these mood-boosting chemicals. We help patients to add physical activity to their daily regimen of self-care by providing a wide variety of physical exercise styles that fit the unique needs of every individual. Among the array of offerings we provide:

  • Group dance classes
  • Yoga (indoor and outdoor)
  • Walking/running groups
  • Personal training
  • Swimming clubs
  • Gardening groups
  • Cycling trips

We are continually striving to provide outlets for physical activity for individuals at every fitness and interest level. Patients are welcome to offer recommendations related to physical wellness at any time and we are committed to offering as many opportunities as possible.

Whole Person Recovery

At Lionheart Recovery, we understand that managing a mental illness requires stable mental, physical, and spiritual health. That is why we provide outpatient opportunities to gain skills in each of these three areas. In addition to different outpatient therapy and group exercise, we offer a vast array of spiritual development courses. These include:

  • Meditation Instruction
  • Christian based groups
  • 12 Step Programs
  • Vocational evaluation
  • Group volunteer opportunities

Whether you are seeking religious or secular spiritual development opportunities, we are able to provide guidance and opportunities for growth. We are passionate about helping to nurture each patient holistically as they work towards the sustained management of mental illness.

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