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Residential Substance Abuse Program

Many young people experiment with drugs or alcohol during their adolescence, but some quickly become dependent. While watching a child or loved one struggle with chemical dependence is overwhelming, action is necessary to help youth live a happy and healthy life of sobriety. Without treatment and support, addiction will only continue to get worse. The earlier treatment can be sought for young people addicted to drugs or alcohol, the better the outcomes.

Our residential substance abuse program for adolescents is a full-time live-in program for youth with addiction and chemical dependency concerns. With round-the-clock professional support, individual and group therapy opportunities, and a holistic focus on sober living, this program is ideal for individuals who are in need of intensive support towards recovery.

What we treat

Our expert staff is prepared to treat adolescents who are struggling with addiction to a myriad of substances, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs, and alcohol. While alcohol and marijuana are the most common substances abused by adolescents, we provide programming and support for youth with any type of substance abuse concerns.

Who is residential treatment for?

Our residential substance abuse program is specially designed for adolescents from ages 10 to 19 who have chemical dependency issues that are impacting their ability to meaningfully participate in their daily lives. Some of the youth admitted to the program have experienced significant academic performance concerns, interactions with law enforcement because of drug use, and continued strained relationships with parents and other loved ones. Young people who are struggling with addiction and chemical dependence may also become more secretive, struggle with hygiene maintenance, become explosive or hostile, experience sudden weight loss or weight gain, may no longer be interested in the hobbies they once enjoyed and may spend time with new friends. Adolescents admitted to the residential treatment program are in need of constant support and supervision to overcome their addiction, and may be a threat to themselves or others when they are under the influence.

What is the program like?

Participants in the residential treatment program will find that there are many opportunities to interact with professionals and peers throughout the day who are committed to supporting them in their sobriety. Individuals will work with licensed substance abuse therapists who are trained in a variety of different therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Group therapy, goal setting, and support sessions are also available each day. These programs provide a sense of connectedness among the patients and support staff which increases the likelihood of sustained sobriety.

Our interdisciplinary care team will work with adolescents and their families to create an individualized care plan that will provide the best care for patients in the program. Some individuals may benefit from single-gender residential care, spiritually based support, and additional mental health support. Regardless of the specific needs, our experts will ensure that each patient will receive the support they need.

Holistic Focus

Addiction and chemical dependency are often a symptom of broader, whole person wellness issues. We’re committed to providing a space where youth can begin to understand how to care for their whole self: mind, body, and spirit. Opportunities for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness are available and encouraged as the adolescents in the program work towards recovery. During their stay in the residential recovery program, individuals can participate in:

  • Group Exercise Classes (dance, yoga, intramural sports)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Academic Support
  • Stress Management Skill Groups
  • Faith-Based Recovery Programming
  • Hobby Exploration Courses (musical instruments, fine art, crafting)
  • Community Support/Volunteer Opportunities

We believe that building a sober life requires finding joy in new activities and relationships. We want to help our patients develop that new life. Together.

What’s next?

Leaving a structured recovery environment can be intimidating. Here at Lionheart Recovery, we can provide continued aftercare for adolescents and their loved ones. Before leaving our residential program, patients will have the opportunity to work with therapists, social workers, and other support staff to create an individualized aftercare plan that includes a blend of individual and group therapy, 12-step participation, physical wellness planning, and self-care scheduling support. We are committed to wrapping ongoing services and support around the youth that participate in our programs so that they may continue to live as healthy, whole people on the road to recovery.

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