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Single Gender

For many in recovery, participating in a single gender rehabilitation space is essential to establishing their sobriety. These environments often eliminate many distractions that may negatively impact the recovery process. Additionally, single gender recovery programs offer the added benefit of targeted supports that address issues most common to women and men. Individuals can decide independently whether or not this type of experience will be beneficial to them, and the professionals here at Lionheart Recovery are here to help with the selection process.

Men Only

Men are almost twice as likely as women to abuse alcohol or drugs. This unique reality means that many men may benefit from collaborating with other individuals like themselves as they work towards recovery.

In an all-male environment, individuals will have the opportunity to learn about how their socialized experience has impacted their addiction and how it may influence their path to sobriety. For example, our men’s program works to establish a space where emotional expression is intentionally encouraged. Men are typically socialized to keep their emotions to themselves, and this can make the process of recovery very difficult. Many men feel more comfortable expressing themselves in therapeutic environments when they are confident that the individuals around them may feel just as uncomfortable sharing their feelings.

Men-only recovery settings can also provide more specific support for those dependent on certain types of drugs. Men are much more likely to use marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. Working towards recovery with other men who struggle with the same substances can create a feeling of connectedness and can increase your chances of getting and staying sober.

Another benefit to an all-male rehabilitation experience is the lack of potential romantic distraction. Men may sometimes utilize sex to distract themselves from the true work of recovery, and to seek out a more “natural” high when they seek to manage their drug and alcohol cravings. Spending time in an exclusively male environment, particularly during the beginning stages of sobriety, can often help men to stay focused on what matters most.

Women Only

Women are much more likely to begin abusing alcohol or drugs because of previous experiences of trauma. Women are also far more likely to be the victims of sexual assault and abuse.This unique motivation for use and unique traumatic history can lead women to benefit from single-gender rehabilitation environments.

Having an environment where women can be open and honest about their previous experiences of abuse can create a sense of community that can be beneficial to the recovery process. Additionally, for patients who have unresolved trauma and ongoing fear of unfamiliar men due to previous sexual assault, an exclusively female environment can be reassuring and considerably more comfortable as they work to establish their sobriety.

Women are also much more likely to abuse prescription drugs and typically move from experimentation with drugs to addiction to drugs much quicker than men. Being able to relate to other individuals who struggle with prescription drug dependence, and who have had a fast-moving addiction, may help many women know that they aren’t alone in their experience. This feeling of camaraderie is especially important for women, as they typically are more focused on emotional connection and relationship with the individuals around them.

At the end of the day, being on the road to recovery with a single gender group could very well increase the chances of a sustained recovery. Eliminating distractions, and feeling like part of a community with similar experiences can all contribute to a stronger likelihood of long-term sobriety. Lionheart Recovery is here to support your process, regardless of the gendered setting you choose.

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